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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mark's Landing - Guilford Lake/Lisbon

Okay…so it’s light now until 8:00, and I am getting the urge to waste some $3.89/gal. premium gas. (Yes, my car takes premium…you gotta problem wit dat?) It was 5:00 on Saturday afternoon, too late for reservation type places. My wife and I had on our grubbies and didn’t want to get dressed up anyway. And we wanted to take a nice ride, but not to far.

I had heard of a place in Lisbon that was supposed to be pretty good, but I forgot the name. While trying to find it on Google, however, I came across a place called Mark’s Landing…a Guilford Lake landmark for many years, about 8 miles on the other side of Lisbon. I haven’t been to Guilford Lake in years, so we got in my new, old car (story to follow) and headed on down Route 11.

Mark’s Landing is an easy 40 minute ride from here. It is right on Guilford Lake. The property has been through several owners, the latest being the Ieropoli family (Greek or Italian??) who over the past several years has done some major improvements to the place, including a new kitchen, and patio, and renovation of cabin that you can rent during the summer.

Mark’s Landing looks like something you would find in Geneva on the Lake. It is a summer resort, get me an umbrella drink kind of place which I bet is jumping on a hot night in July. It is deceivingly small, with a updated bar with a couple of booths, a small dining room area, and a second level that looks like it is set up for larger groups or private parties. The them is nautical, of course, and it is like stepping back in time.

The menu is ambitious given the type of place it appears to be. The obligatory burgers and wings are available, but so is Jack Daniels glazes salmon, numerous steaks at reasonable prices, Cajun shrimp, gourmet type pasta dishes, and the usual chicken marsala and chicken picatta type of dishes.

One of it’s specialties is the Big Fish Sandwich. That’s what I had. My wife ordered the Big Italian. I thought she already had one…but she wanted peppers and onion with it. Both of these were very good. The sandwiches are HUGE served with Idora style fries. You could feed two people from the fish, which has only a touch of very light and airy breading. I was impressed.

Sandwiches are in the $8.00 range, and worth every penny. Full meals go for up to $20.00. Drinks and wine are more than reasonably priced.

The service was friendly. The atmosphere is “summer lake” laid back. It is an interesting place to go if you are looking for a short jaunt to get away to a different kind of place…and believe me…Guilford Lake is a different kind of place.

Again, because I don’t like to give meatballs to places I have only been once, I am going to refrain from it tonight…but give it two thumbs up for now, and three if it were summer time!!!

Marks Landing Restaurant
33220 Charlton Street
Lisbon, Ohio 44423


jean said...

I love your Blog.....I am from ytown..moved to Naples, FL.... Come back every year to see family,friends and eat.
I went to Marks landing it soooo much..never knew of it..great food and view..thanks to you!!!!!
Next i will try Rips...

jean said... your blog on ytown eats...I grew up in ytown, moved to Naples, FL...visit every year in ytown to see family ,friends, and EAT.....I went to Marks Landing tonight, loved it..great food,great service and what a view..
Thanks to you Mark M.

Anonymous said...

I've allways felt that they could do much better with the food. Been there several times over the last few years. Most recently a couple weeks ago. I had a cup of seafood chowder and the all-you-can-eat fish. The chowder was lousy. It was all I could do to choke down a little of it. Tasted like canned salmon or tuna added to a light soup base with some cubed potatoes. My fried pollack was very good. Earlier this summer, I think it was Mother's Day, we dined there. My wife had thier crabmeat stuffed sole, one of thier 'specials'. It was awful. It appeared to have been baked hours before and the stuffing didn't have a hint of crabmeat in it. Wife sent it back. I don't remember what I had that time. The restaurant and grounds are very appealing, but the stuffed southern ocean fish i.e. dolphin, sailfish and others seem out of place in a country lake setting.