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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Los Gallos - Boardman

Let’s start with I don’t like Mexican food. And I feel bad about that, because most everyone else does. My friends tell me that I don’t like Mexican food because I have never had good Mexican food. Well, there was always Chi Chi’s. Of course, it went out of business after an e-coli scare. Then there is Taco Bell. A friend of mine is a franchisee and does an outstanding job of quality control and freshness and runs a class operation…but I just don’t like Mexican food.

The latest in the long line of local Mexican Restaurants is Los Gallos, now with three locations…on Route 224 next to Summitville Tile; also a little past the intersection of Market Street Extension and Western Reserve Road; and as I understand they will also be opening a restaurant in downtown Struthers in the grouping with DiVito’s and Selah.  A branch is also located in Bedford, Ohio.

Did I tell you I don’t like Mexican food? Well I don’t. That is why I have avoided going to Los Gallos for dinner even though it is probably one of the most popular restaurants in Boardman. And when the Mariachi band is there, you can’t get near the place! On the other hand, it is about a minute walk from Mahoning County Republican Headquarters…just down the stairs from the next door parking lot…and many Republicans DO like Mexican food and especially Margaritas! So instead of killing the party, so to speak, I would join my friends post political smoke filled room for a little libation and some corn chips.

So…I needed a place to write about for this week’s column, and storms were circling the area making me not want to drive too far from home. I said to my wife “Wife…let’s give Los Gallos a go!” And we did.

These folks really know what they are doing. They are extremely friendly from the minute you walk through the door to the very well informed servers who know their stuff. Many native Mexicans work there. And the food is very, very good.

The place itself is decorated cantina style and looks really old world Mexico. It is has a large bar which is towards the back of the restaurant, and lots and lots of booths. There is an outdoor front patio for nicer weather, and it was packed last night.

The menu is expansive. And because I don’t like Mexican food, I didn’t know what 90% of the stuff was, so my wife and I played it safe with a fajitas. She had chicken. I had steak. OMG. The plates came heaping with food. It was enough to feed two people, and even three if using it as a light snack late at night. It comes with rice, tomato and lettuce relish, refried beans, sour cream and guacamole. No cheese. You have choice of flour tortillas or corn tortillas, which are somewhat lighter. It is a lot of food!!!! It runs around $14.00 and worth every penny.

The restaurant has a fairly extensive steak menu which appeals to me, with all sorts of interesting combinations of Mexican overtones. As to the rest of the menu, I really don’t know, because I don’t like Mexican food. I did tell you that, didn’t I? But my son, who likes it more than me, assures me it is all top notch and well prepared.

Los Gallos offers a full service bar with an extensive list of Mexican beer on tap and in bottles. This is just a really fun place for those who like Mexican food, and also for those who don’t.

Oh ya. It is worth it to go just for a night cap and an order of fired ice cream, which is wonderful and big enough for two or even three!!!!!

Los Gallos gets a resounding 4 Mexican meatballs, even though I don’t like Mexican food!

Los Gallos
685 Boardman-Canfield Road
Boardman, OH  44512 

Telephone:(330) 965-1307
(locations also in North Lima, Ohio and Bedford, Ohio)

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